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Pastor Yonel

Bible Study Let His teachings light your path to life.

New Covenant Worship Center conducts bible study sessions to empower His believers through the teachings in the divine gospel. Join us as we journey to seek the deeper meaning of life. Let us implore His teachings so we can shed light and enlightenment in His powerful words. Ignite your faith with us so we can share with others our purpose-driven mission of fulfilling the Great Commission of Christ.

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group of people praying

Prayer Services Strengthening our faith for the mighty redeemer.

New Covenant Worship Center humbly proclaims our almighty creator through our prayer services. Join us as we give Him praise and all of the honor and glory for His eternal love. Open your heart to the greater purpose and bask in His omnipotence. It is in Him that we find greater joy and forgiveness as He listens without judgment but only with clemency. Kindle your faith into a burning fire and let Him guide your path to life and truth.

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