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Women of Valor Ministries Empowering women in their pursuit of the great commission.

The women of valor ministry’s primary purpose is to encourage and empower women in their pursuit of becoming more engaged in Christ’s teachings. We seek to encourage their call to service, their God-given gifts, and their spiritual growth through providing workshops, conferences, and other activities that are geared for one purpose—to become true followers of Christ. We seek to ignite their inner valor so they can become one in our mission of fulfilling the Great Commission.

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worship center

Worship Find the greater purpose.

We live to find our purpose, and that purpose is found only in our almighty creator. The way to life and the path to the truth is a one-way road towards His righteousness. It is our mission to pursue this road and this calling to service. Hence, join New Covenant Worship Center as we rejoice in His eternal love. Open your heart to worship and find yourself being directed to a far greater purpose. Strengthen your faith in Him, for the path to life and truth is through His sanctity and devoutness.

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Youth Ministries Let Christ guide your way.

It is in the youth that we find the greatest potentials. Hence, we guide them in honing their call to service by seeking the word of God and becoming His true disciple. It is in devoting yourself to piety that you find complacent serenity within yourself. Seek your purpose, find meaning through Him. Become His messenger and discover the greater quest of life—the mission to spread His word and fulfill the Great Commission.

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