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Our Story Find your purpose, become His disciple.

New Covenant Worship Center is a nondenominational church and religious organization in Brooklyn, New York. We preach the will of the Lord through His divine gospel that seeks to provide salvation. As His disciple and messenger, we journey to help others find the path to our redeemer—for nothing is worth more than one’s soul. We help them become true followers of Christ and, in turn, enlighten others of His eternal love to His children. Find your path, your purpose, and the meaning of life through the divine teachings of our creator.


The purpose of the New Covenant Worship Center is to join different groups of people together to share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ and equipping new believers and training leaders to become Christ-like disciples.

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Mission In Him and through Him, we are saved.

The Mission of the New Covenant Worship Center is to fulfill the Great Commission by helping people here in our community and abroad to become true followers of Christ, to equip believers through discipleship by helping them discover their God-given gifts and talents. We believe that Christians can experience a deeper level of life in which there is victory over sin, power to witness and serve, and a richer fellowship with God, all through the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Our mission also involves creating a Church that can be a safe place where post-modern people can come to experience the grace and forgiveness of God and find healing for their souls.


Our vision is to make Christ-like disciples who, in turn, can pass on His gospel to others.

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