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Welcome to New Covenant Worship Center

The way to the truth and life is through Christ the Lord. Our salvation is found nowhere else but in his teachings. Join New Covenant Worship Center as we fulfill His gospel, as we journey to enlighten others of The Great Commission and help them become Christ-like disciples. Embrace the deeper meaning of life where His grace and forgiveness prevail above all else. Enrich your fellowship with Christ as He hears our every waking breath, our every sorrow and joy. Help us share the good news. Join us!

Donate to Our Church

Your kind donations will help us spread His gospel.

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Give Time to Serve

Embrace the Lord’s teachings and become one of His disciples. It is in serving others that we find true wealth.

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Daily Bible Readings

Enrich your spiritual lives by joining us in shedding light on God’s words and teachings, for His word is living and powerful and is the only way to the truth of life.

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Our Mission Statement

The Mission of the New Covenant Worship Center is to fulfill the Great Commission by helping people here in our community and abroad to become true followers...

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